Ultimate Incubator System



Quorum Technologies Inc. is the North  American distributor of Live Cell Instrument Inc. products. Live Cell Instrument Inc. is an innovative Korean company that specializes in the development and manufacture of observation chambers and environmental control systems designed for live cell imaging. Their flagship product is the Chamlide™ which is the fusion of a chamber and a slide, resulting in a very convenient and quality vessel for working with live cells. All Chamlide™ chambers and incubator systems are patented or currently have patents pending.

Click Here to view a demonstration of the Chamlide Chamber.


Stable environment for Live cell imaging
Chamlide incubator systems create a stable cell environment by maintaining proper temperature, humidity and pH over the long term.

Magnet attachment technique
The cables for the Incubator system T connect easily and quickly with all electrical components (incubator main body, cover, humidifier and lens warmer) using magnetic connections. This provides convenience when moving the incubator system on and off the microscope.

Sliding & Open cover technique for chamber access
The incubator cover can slide open for convenient access to the inside of the chamber
The incubator cover can also be lifted completely off of the incubator main body when required.
Incubator system T provides both opening options allowing users the ability to conveniently access the chamber.

Remote touch pad
The Incubator system T can be remote-controlled by smart phones and other mobile devices. The operator can check and control all parameters for the system anytime & anywhere in real time.


A thermal camera is provided for monitoring the temperature distribution across a cell culture plate. The camera is used in conjunction with the touch pad controller.