Volocity® Multi-Dimensional Imaging Platform





To get to that next important insight, you need to go where your biology leads you. The challenge is that biology lives in three dimensions. How can you know the shape of a structure unless you view it from every direction? How can you know its size unless you measure the volume? How can you tell whether two structures are close together or intertwined unless you can see both completely and from every angle? Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software enables you to make discoveries and answer complex questions that are beyond the limitations of 2D.

Turn observations into understanding

Moving seamlessly among restoration, visualization and quantitation, Volocity software is designed for true 3D analysis of fluorescence images. View your cells from every angle. Measure shapes, volumes and distances. Relate cellular structure to function with exceptional precision and speed. Compare samples and identify trends. Produce publication-ready tables and charts. Take your image analysis to a new dimension with true 3D image analysis.

A powerful solution for every lab

Designed for ease of use and exceptional performance, Volocity software is compatible with most confocal microscopy, widefield and high content screening systems – one 3D analysis solution and one learning curve for all your fluorescence imaging systems. With flexible licensing options, it can serve individual researchers as well as departments and entire organizations. Because it is also supported by world-class technical support, training and expertise, you can count on Volocity software to accelerate your research through your entire 3D imaging process.

Flexibility, ease of use and powerful performance: That's why there are thousands of users around the globe and thousands of peer-reviewed papers referencing Volocity software – the universal solution for 3D image analysis.

Volocity®  is a family of integrated software products that can be used independently or combined to provide a full suite of tools for 3D image acquisition, volume visualization, restoration, publication, and object measurement, tracking and charting.  These tools are coordinated through Volocity’s unique Library format, which acts as a user-friendly image database for raw and quantified images. The user-friendly interface makes the powerful set of imaging tools in Volocity simple to find and use, upholding its strong focus on a clear graphical user interface and ease of use.

Volocity® Acquisition: High performance image capture software controlling a wide range of microscopes, cameras and imaging accessories for 3D live cell imaging applications.

Volocity® Visualization: Interactive multi-channel time-resolved 3D rendering and publication software for widefield and confocal image stacks.

Volocity® Quantitation: Volumetric measurement and analysis software for quantitative fluorescence imaging.

Volocity® Restoration: Image deconvolution software improves image quality of widefield and confocal data.


NEW: Volocity® RestorationMV which incorporates the MicroVolution high-speed deconvolution engine. The efficient drag and drop method for importing multichannel image stacks, for processing, is preserved in this new Volocity module making it the most efficient deconvolution module on the market.

Quorum is pleased to offer a range of cost-effective solutions that will allow more scientists in one lab to benefit simultaneously from our award-winning Volocity High Performance 2D-3D Imaging Software. Increase your productivity with a multiple license purchase, or by adding to your existing Volocity licenses.  For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.