Client Testimonials

'Our Mission is to ‘to empower scientists and clinicians with visionary technologies and dedicated service’

At Quorum Technologies, we have invested a great deal of time and effort finding the best possible range and balance of products to provide fast, precise and superior results, whatever the application. In the end, this translates to solutions that save you time, improve production, and increase the quality and applicability of your results.

Research Center of Laval University-affiliated hospitals (CHU de Quebec)

Our Bioimaging platform has two Quorum WaveFX spinning disk confocal systems. As a multi-user facility, we needed a versatile system to accommodate many users with different needs. After series of presentations by many different companies’ confocal system, we got the first WaveFX-Borealis system in 2007. We realized quickly this system stands well for many different types of performance, some of which may not be originally anticipated. With this system, we developed a very unique expertise in long-term live-cell imaging, which enabled us to follow single cell tracking of thousands of cells up to 7 days experiments. We pushed the system very far and we are very happy about its robust performance together with the dedicated support coming from Quorum technologies. Furthermore, the Borealis system allows us to follow fast events, like endosome trafficking with multiple channels as well as regular confocal imaging on fixed samples. 

We wanted to further develop our capacity and expertise. Since we have been quite satisfied with their highly specialized expertise in imaging as well as their commitment and openness to modify the system for the customers’ needs, we decided to obtain another WaveFX spinning disk system in 2011. We asked them to have this system modified with highly customized features, some of which have never been materialized in the market. The system is quite optimal and we always had extremely good support from Quorum Technologies and Spectral, to develop and customize our systems. By using this new system, we are in the process of developing a unique system more optimal for single-cell tracking analysis. Without their incredible commitment, such achievement has never been possible. Thus, we greatly appreciate their continuous and timely support over our two spinning disc confocal systems by Quorum technologies.  

Sachiko Sato, B. Pharm and Ph. D., Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Laval University and Director of the Bioimaging platform of Research Center of Laval University-affiliated hospitals (CHU de Quebec).

Julie-Christine Levesques, M. Sc.,Manager of the Bioimaging platform of Research Center of Laval University-affiliated hospitals (CHU de Quebec).

Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

Our lab has been using the Quorum Wave FX spinning disc confocal system to analyze morphogenetic signaling pathways in mammalian cells and mouse embryos. With Quorum Technologies’ support, we have upgraded the system several times to address our scientific questions since the installation of the system.

The Borealis illumination system from Spectral Applied Research was installed in the most recent upgrade of the Wave FX system and I am very impressed by the improved image resolution, homogenous illumination and excitation light intensity. Before the upgrade, there was noticeable uneven image brightness across the field, which made quantitative image analysis difficult. Homogenous illumination by Borealis solved the illumination issue. In addition, homogenous illumination enables seamless stitching of multiple fields using a motorized XY stage.

Spectral Applied Research’s technology and knowledge in spinning disc confocal microscopy is really impressive. I think that the Borealis illumination system is the most striking upgrade for our Wave FX spinning disc confocal system.

Masahiro Narimatsu, DDS, PhD (Dr. Jeff Wrana’s Lab), Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital

University of Virginia

My lab uses the Quorum WaveFX spinning disk confocal system equipped with a Micropoint Laser to image the developing and inured nervous system in live zebrafish embryos and larvae. When choosing the best set-up for our scientific needs, Quorum outperformed every other vendor on every level we assessed. The spinning disk confocal in our lab is the work horse and we needed something very specific. Quorum worked with us extensively to custom build the best system for our needs and continues to offer us their expertise and support as we expand the types of experiments we would like to use our spinning disk confocal for. The staff has been incredibly helpful and friendly and I am quite certain that my new lab wouldn't as far along as we are today if it hadn't been for the help and support from Quorum and their exceptional products. Quorum and their WaveFX system has given us the tools to be able ask the scientific questions we've always dreamed of asking! I wholeheartedly recommend Quorum to anyone looking to take imaging and science to a whole new level!

Dr. Sarah Kucenas, Department of Biology, University of Virginia

Queen’s University

Our new WaveFX-X1 in the Cancer Research Institute at Queen’s University is in use every day. Since its installation some 4 months ago we’ve performed live cell protein-protein interaction studies, fixed IMF stained mamma sphere and tissue sample 3-d reconstructions, 3-d FISH analysis, slide scanning (TMA’s) and confocal intravital microscopy. This microscope enables us to acquire images much faster than our older confocal systems, which is ideal for the live cell and whole animal work. The instruments performance has demonstrated Quorums commitment to providing the best product available on the market. The data collected from experiments has exceeded our expectations; the quality of data has been consummate signifying the versatility of the platform. As a turn-key solution, it allows our students to operate the equipment with modest supervision following training. Our working relationship with Quorum has been tremendous. Quorum’s responsiveness to application questions, technical advice and instrument service has been excellent. Their superb knowledge and customer service is second to none and we always look forward to communication with them. The WaveFX-X1 has become our most versatile research imaging tool.

Jeff Mewburn, Core Imaging Facility, Queen’s University

Georgetown University

Our work starting in 2003 has been to develop and improve a high-speed 3D confocal imaging system for innovative live-cell experiments. [you can hyperlink to the ref below if you want]. So we discovered Quorum when we needed a new laser system and service for our aging Yokogawa CSU21. Quorum successfully cleaned and upgraded the internal optics of the CSU 21 with only a week of the CSU being away from our lab. Moreover, their additional Borealis feature resolved our challenges with uneven illumination while also increasing the light throughput of the lasers. And the integrated mounting and coupling system for the camera, filter system, confocal, and microscope body improved convenience and alignment stability while also reducing light contamination. I am very impressed with the degree of careful thinking about quality and usability in their design. And, as someone who works "under-the-hood" in microscopy, I found it both reassuring and enjoyable to work with sales and installation staff who clearly understand their system. A positive experience and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Ryan McAllister, Physics Department, Georgetown University

University Health Network

Our first long-term live cell experiment with the LCI set up was planned to last 3 days – after 7 days we finally stopped - collected 166GB of data (Z-stacks for GFP and BFDIC at 25 different x-y coordinates every 30 minutes). The ease of use and fine control over the environment that LCI provides has kept our cells happy, without entering the incubator, for 7 days without opening the chamber (the longest so far tested).

I have also done numerous short-term drug studies using the LCI live cell system, which on our system requires that the chamber lid be opened and closed several times. With 30 x-y coordinates logged for imaging at 20X or 40X, opening and closing the lid was never an issue – we never lost a data point. Quorum is a great company to work with.

A.J Elia, Ph.D.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., Scientific Associate, CFIBCR/UHN

McGill University

Several sophisticated research microscopy systems under my care are equipped with the LCI environmental control system. The first one was installed in 2007. It has proved to provide control for temperature, gas, and humidity over long periods. My colleagues and myself (Frigault et al., Journal of Cell Science 122: 753, 2009) were able to demonstrate mammalian cell growth over a period of several days.

The experiments of some users have very stringent requirements for environmental controls for several hours (during whole mouse embryo development) and the LCI system provides it. Another great feature of the system is versatility. Being able to accommodate various sample formats (35mm dishes, chambered coverslips, chambered slides, etc.) is critical for multi-user systems. Moreover, it is easy to use, affordable, expandable (additional accessories can be purchased) and customizable, thanks to the high quality support provided by Quorum Technologies Inc.

Judith Lacoste, Ph.D., Microscopy specialist, Cell Imaging and Analysis Network (CIAN), Department of Biology, McGill University

University of California Berkeley

We purchased the LCI system for our multi-user facility and have been very satisfied with the performance of it. It is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to remove when not needed, which is a key feature for a microscope which sees a lot of varied use and various levels of user sophistication.

We received excellent technical support when first learning how to set it up and use it, primarily related to adjusting the CO2 levels from our cannisters. Since we do a fair bit of multi-photon and/or low-light level work, it is extremely handy to have the remote computer read-out of the system to know it is functioning without having to disturb the experiment. Additionally, being able to track the performance during overnight experiments can be a huge help if the cells died in the middle of the night. We have been very satisfied with the friendly customer support and the high quality of the LCI products.

Holly L . Aaron, Molecular Imaging Center, Cancer Research Laboratory

University of Toronto

We use a Quorum WaveFX spinning disc confocal microscope to track fluorescently tagged proteins in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Using the WaveFX system, we can accurately determine the sub-cellular distributions of tagged proteins expressed from their endogenous chromosomal loci in live cells and track changes in these distributions over time. The quality of the images acquired on this microscopy platform far exceeds that which we have obtained using our previous microscope or other systems we have encountered in other laboratories. The WaveFX system has an intuitive and robust design, which has enabled us to quickly teach the skills necessary for its operation to new users. We are also extremely satisfied with the fast and efficient technical support we receive from Quorum and highly recommend it to others.

Dr. Brenda Andrews, Principle Investigator, Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research

University of Toronto

Our research involves using basic cell biology and molecular biology to examine potential causes of neuronal degeneration, in particular with regards to the disease, ALS. What is and has been so wonderful about Quorum is the ability of all of Quorum's representatives to understand what equipment and software we require to answer our particular research questions.

It is obvious by their skill and expertise in the integration and set-up process of not only their products and equipment, but of a whole system that will work with us to achieve our goals, that each member of the Quorum team has had extensive research experience of their own, and this is truly a defining quality of Quorum. We have been extremely happy with the two systems that we purchased from Quorum, which have enabled us to perform very elegant experiments, especially at the single cell level. Furthermore, we have been so impressed by the service and support that we have received from Quorum and their reps, who are always available, for either minor questions or more complicated issues - they either walk you through a situation, or they come right to you to help solve any issues that arise. Our experience thus far with Quorum, their staff and their products has been great and we will look to Quorum for future needs and products.

Janice Robertson, Associate Professor (University of Toronto) and Canada Research Chair