The iLas MODULAR system is a unique multi-application device that offers complete control over any laser illumination. Its evolutive design allows researchers to choose and simultaneously combine :

360° TIRF imaging
Single molecule imaging
oblique illumination imaging
Laser ablation
Fast spinning disk confocal imaging
Widefield imaging

iLAS 360° Uniform illumination TIRF System

Classical TIRF systems suffer from non uniform illumination and interference patterns the image. When a laser beam is focussed at the back of an objective and spins to describe a circle, each point of that circle creates a parallel beam which has the same incidence angle onto the coverslip. Thus, in TIRF and for a given wavelength, the evanescent wave resulting from each spot has the same penetration depth. However, interference patterns depend on the azimuth of the beam. Being able to spin the Laser beam very rapidly during the exposure time of the camera will removes  fringes or rings patterns.

Ultra fast incidence angle / TIRF penetration motorization 

The iLas² galvonometer based motorization enables to change the TIRF penetration depth in less than a millisecond, making it compatible with "overlap" streaming acquisition. Even complex multicolor Widefield/TIRF experiments can be carried out.

Multiple wavelengths / Wavelength correction 

The fast motorization can be used to correct the penetration depth for its wavelength dependency. Advanced acquisition functions are also available to image simultaneously severals channels even at different penetration depths.

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