Artery-on-a-Chip Vessel Interrogation System

Artery on a Chip is a microfluidic-based platform, that facilitates the assessment of resistance artery structure and function. A software-integrated fluid-stream mixing module controls the perfusion rate, dosage, temperature, and the transmural pressure of intact artery segments. Each of these variables can be programed into a fully automated series of discrete intervals. This high level of control allows imposing dynamic changes to the microenvironment, very similar to the dynamic and heterogeneous in vivo environment. Data acquisition is in real time and provides the user with numerical measurements (wall and diameter), graphics, still images and video. The compact microfluidic device also allows for on-chip fixation and long-term culture of artery segments (100-250 um diameter; <1.5 mm length). The portfolio of chips will continue to expand for additional artery size ranges.

Flexibility and High Productivity

AoC is a high performance vessel interrogation system designed to maximize productivity and provide expanded capability. Ideal for analytical, life science applications, whereby ex vivo arteries can be targeted by multiple drugs. Versatile for a vast range of drug and flow combinations

A fully Integrated System

The system features an intuitive software interface that integrates real-time data collection, fluidics control, and imaging. Images and data are automatically stored with the latter easily saved to an Excel file format. Read more

Bring Efficiency and Ease of Use to your Lab

Fewer steps. Reduced hands-on time. Reduced consumables. Reduced skills and experience. Huge gains in experimental efficiencies. Infinite sequences per run.