Diskovery Multi-Modal Imaging System

We are committed to providing leading edge products and services that are both effective and expandable over time. Quorum is the leading supplier of spinning disk confocal microscopes in Canada and this is largely due to the superior performance of our solutions as well as our outstanding service and support.  In conjunction with Spectral Applied Research, we have developed the most advanced spinning disk confocal system available on the market today and, more recently, we have focused on TIRF and Localized Microscopy (Super-resolution) solutions. The culmination of this development and optimization is manifest in the Diskovery Platform.

Andor Diskovery Multi-Modal Imaging System

Designed as the next generation imaging system it brings together Borealis and zoom illumination, and three complementary imaging modalities: multi-point confocal, localization based (single molecule), and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF). This system is suited for live cell/organ/organism imaging at depth, as well as fixed sample (thin and thick) imaging. In addition, the Andor Diskovery excels in a wide range of biophysics applications, which make use of its capabilities to image cell membranes at high resolution (TIRF) and resolve single molecules (localization based microscopy).

The Diskovery Multi-Modal Optical head can be configured for TIRF, Super-resolution, and fast live-cell Multi Point Scanning confocal imaging. No other vendor is capable of performing all three of these modalities via the same optical head. This capability means that a single sample can be imaged in all three modalities at the same plane, making correlative studies much more feasible. A single laser engine can be used for all three modalities significantly reducing the cost associated with initial laser purchase as well as laser maintenance. The Diskovery Platform is designed to be modular such that the Diskovery Core can be purchased with upgrade paths to add additional modalities at a later date. This provides an extremely flexible platform.

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