X-Light V2 Confocal System

The X-Light V2 is a high-performance confocal imaging system ideally suited for both core imaging facilities and individual research labs.   This spinning disk confocal system can seamlessly switch between widefield, confocal, and Super-resolution imaging (with the optional VCS add-on) on the same microscope.

The X-Light V2 comes standard with a 5-position motorized dichroic wheel, 8-position motorized emission filter wheel, motorized bypass mode and exchangeable disk boxes. An 8 position motorized excitation wheel is an available option. The X-Light V2 has has a large field of view it works with both EMCCDs for the sensitive, low-light applications as well as larger-format sCMOS cameras for higher resolution imaging.  The X-Light V2 is compatible with the new high power, low cost LDI laser illuminator.

Supports both EMCCDs and sCMOS camera

Functions well in both high-sensitivity and high-speed applications

Works with single and multimode lasers sources

Unsurpassed flexibility and a superior price to performance ratio

15,000 RPM disc speed

No need to synchronize with camera to avoid non-uniform acquisition intensities due to full field of view capture in less than 200us

Motorized bypass mode

Allows both confocal and widefield imaging from the same microscope port with the same camera.

Easy to use disk focus mechanism

Ensures the disk is at the proper image plane

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