Quorum Technologies Inc. has been supporting digital pathology initiatives across Canada since 2005 and as such have pioneered this technology in the country: No other company has this depth of experience in the Canadian market. Quorum is the only Canadian owned and operated company offering complete clinical solutions in the Digital Pathology space in Canada.  Quorum has 34 years of experience working with Pathologists.

We are committed to providing leading edge products and services that are both effective and expandable over time. Quorum installed over 55 slide scanners during the five years we were the exclusive Canadian distributor for Aperio Technologies Inc. and has installed many more since this time. Most of these systems have been installed in the Clinical environment. We provide solutions for agnositic Telepathology and Image Management integration, supporting a variety of image file formats along with integration into many LIS systems.  We are  commitmented to providing flexible solutions that have a long life cycle and can continue to bring value to an organization for many years.

Most recently Quorum has implemented the Image Management software for the Multi Jurisdictional Telepathology project. This project connects pathologists at Diagnostic Services Manitoba, Newfoundland Center for Health Information and University Health Network.  

Quorum is experienced with network architecture design, install and implementation, training and support. Our specialists provide expertise in whole slide digital scanning, clinical use and customization, along with providing guidance on Health Canada regulatory requirements.  Quorum is a Health Canada certified provided of Class II Medical Devices.

For more information contact Quroum at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.