Health Canada Class II Certification

Quorum Technologies Inc. has been supporting digital pathology initiatives across Canada since 2005 and as such have pioneered this technology in the country: No other company has this depth of experience in the Canadian market. We are committed to providing leading edge products and services that are both effective and expandable over time. Quorum installed over 55 slide scanners during the five years we were the exclusive Canadian distributor for Aperio Technologies Inc. and has installed many more since this time. Most of these systems have been installed in the Clinical environment.

Quorum solutions for Digital Pathology and Telepathology are certified by Health Canada as Class II medical devices.  This certification makes it possible for pathologists to utilize the technologies for primary diagnosis, improving the quality of health care for the patient and providing professional peace of mind for the pathologist.  The solution provides a means to create high resolution images of the pathology sample, which can then be managed, annotated, measured and shared in real time consultation with other professionals. 

Apollo-logo MedAbout Apollo

Apollo is a healthcare IT company that designs software solutions which enable clinicians and healthcare institutions to capture, manage, access, and share
clinical multimedia content across a diverse array of medical specialties.

The company’s clinically-focused, open-system solutions optimize clinician workflow and efficiency, enabling institutions to make the most of their legacy systems, turning multimedia into a strategic healthcare enterprise resource. This challenge of successfully merging data, information, technology, and improved workflow within the clinical environment is what drives us.

While others promise easy, secure, specialty-specific access throughout the enterprise, Apollo delivers it today at marquee institutions throughout the US and Canada.



3DHISTECH Ltd. (the name is derived from ”Three-dimensional Histological Technologies”) is a
leading company, developing high-performance hardware and software products for digital pathology since 1996.

As the first European manufacturer, 3DHISTECH is one of the market leaders in the world with more than 600 sold systems. Being one of the pioneers in this field, 3DHISTECH develops and manufactures high speed digital slide scanners that create high quality brightfield and fluorescent digital slides, digital histology software and tissue microarray machinery.

3DHISTECH’s broader aim is to fully digitalize the traditional pathology workflow so that it can adapt to the ever growing demands of healthcare today.