X-Light V2 Confocal System


The X-Light V2 is a high-performance confocal imaging system ideally suited for both core imaging facilities and individual research labs.   This spinning disk confocal system can seamlessly switch between widefield, confocal, and Super-resolution imaging (with the optional VCS add-on) on the same microscope.

The X-Light V2 comes standard with a 5-position motorized dichroic wheel, 8-position motorized emission filter wheel, motorized bypass mode and exchangeable disk boxes. An 8 position motorized excitation wheel is an available option. The X-Light V2 has has a large field of view it works with both EMCCDs, for the sensitive and low-light applications, as well as larger-format sCMOS cameras for higher resolution imaging.  The X-Light V2 is compatible with the new high power, low cost LDI laser illuminator.

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