Biomedical Scientific Cameras

Quorum supports a range of scientific cameras from several manufacturers including Teledyne, Hamamatsu and Qimaging.   A sample of our camera offering is provided below, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the additional cameras we offer.

Teledyne Photometrics Cameras for Life Science
Prime 95B sCMOS Camera
PrimevBSI sCMOS Camera
Evolvev512 EMCCD Camera
EvolvevDelta 512 EMCCD Camera
Coming Soon: Prime95B VOX upgrade for Perkin Elmer Ultraview Confocal Systems

Hamamatsu Life Science Cameras
Orca Flash 4 LT sCMOS CameraCamera
Orca Flash 4v3 sCMOS CameraCamera
Orca Spark sCMOS Camera
ImageEM EMCCD CameraCamera
ImageEM X2 EMCCD CameraCamera

Download Hamamatsu Camera Brochure

Retiga Camera Series