Biomedical Scientific Cameras

Quorum supports a range of scientific cameras from several manufactures including Andor, Hamamatsu and Qimaging.   A sample of our camera offering is provided below, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the additional cameras we offer.

 Prime-Photo-Web-Resolution sml    Prime95B-Photo-Print-Resolutionsml    Evolve512Delta-camera-highressml    Evolve512camera-hiressml        

Prime 95™



Delta 512
Evolve™ 512 




  • Hamamatsu Life Science Cameras

Download Hamamatsu Camera Brochure
camera   Flash4   Flash4   Flsh2.8   D2   Orca R2
ImagEM X2   ImagEM   Orca Flash 4   Orca Flash 2.8   Orca D2   Orca R2
  • Andor Life Science Cameras

Download Andor Camera Brochure
 e989dc58-52b3-450c-b3e4-01cba6baa8f1 thumbnail   58f5a3f6-fc9b-44ea-912f-49a595a7b8d3 thumbnail    4e9f6603-fb7b-4db7-a646-4a63e0c63881            
Neo and Zyla   iXon3 888    iXon 897            
  • QImaging Life Science Cameras

 rolerabolt-thumbnail    retiga-2000R-sm    micropublisher            
 Rolera Bolt    Retiga 2000    MicroPublisher