Microvolution Deconvolution Software

Microvolution™ software delivers nearly instantaneous deconvolution, up to 200 times faster that other software, by combining intelligent software programming with the power of a GPU. Developed by Stanford scientists*, Microvolution software will improve your research:

Work more effectively in dim light and realize greater success rates with live-cell and time-lapse experiments
Create cleaner measurements after deconvolution (e.g., colocalization, FRET data, neurite lengths fluorescence intensities)
Make adjustments to your microscopy experiments on the fly and collect more data from the same sample

The software deconvolves images from widefield, confocal, two photon, light sheet, and HCA microscopes. Blind deconvolution option improves noisy data, such as deep tissue imaging. Multi-GPU options enable even giant images to be processed in seconds.