Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer

Live Cell Imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer: Take your Cell Research to the Next Dimension

A Self-Adjusting, Holotomographic Microscope

This 3D holotomographic live cell microscope is the result of years of work and development. Through a combination of holography and rotational scanning the system detects changes to light as it propagates through the cell, i.e. the 4D distribution of the physical refractive index (RI) within the cell.

The sample is positioned between a high-numerical-aperture air objective beneath the sample and a rotational illumination arm above. Green light (520 nm) from a laser diode is split into sample and reference beams. The sample is illuminated with a laser beam inclined at 45° which rotates around the sample 360°. A series of holograms is recorded on a digital camera by combining the beam that has passed through the sample with the reference beam.