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Quorum Technologies Inc. is the North  American distributor of Live Cell Instrument Inc. products. Live Cell Instrument Inc. is an innovative Korean company that specializes in the development and manufacture of observation chambers and environmental control systems designed for live cell imaging. Their flagship product is the Chamlide™ which is the fusion of a chamber and a slide, resulting in a very convenient and quality vessel for working with live cells. All Chamlide™ chambers and incubator systems are patented or currently have patents pending.

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Stable environment for Live cell imaging
Chamlide incubator systems create a stable cell environment by maintaining proper temperature, humidity and pH over the long term.

Chamlide controllers use PID for precise temperature control of all electrical parts (the incubator cover, incubator main body, humidifier, and lens warmer) and for adjusting the flow rate of CO2 gas. Also, these controllers are user friendly making them easy to operate.

The Chamlide incubator creates optimal cell growth conditions by controlling the temperature, humidity and pH. The incubator main body is the heating plate and it precisely maintains the temperature of cells. The incubator cover contains a built-in glass heater that uses small reflecting glass to achieve perfect transmission for imaging and also helps to control the inside temperature, preventing the formation of condensation.

The Chamlide humidifier maintains humidity inside the incubator to prevent evaporation, which can cause cell damage. The role of the humidifier is to generate warm water vapor. This warm moisture does not affect temperature within the incubator. Also, CO2 gas passes through the humidifier and thus enters the incubator mixed with warm vapor. The rate of air-bubbling in the humidifier can be used to check the flow of CO2 gas.

Lens warmer
When the use of high numeric aperture lenses for high-resolution imaging is required, it is necessary to control the temperature of the objectives. Since the optical coupling medium (oil, glycerin, or water) acts as a thermal coupling medium, it draws heat away from the specimen. The Chamlide lens warmer maintainsproper temperature of the lens and its heating band design means that it will fit all types of objectives


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TC Chamlide System
Incubator system for various types of chambers
TC-W Chamlide System
Incubator system for various types of chambers
and well plages

IC Chamlide System
Incubator system for commercial 35mm dishes
and chamlide chambers

 HX Chamlide
Acrylic Cage Incubator

 Chamlide WP
Incubator System for commercial well plates
and chamlide chambers

 Chamlide Chambers