Hand-in-Scan Hand Hygiene Tracking System



The Hand-in-Scan system identifies and records the effectiveness of an individuals hand washing technique. Hand-in-Scan displays and records the regions of the hand that have not been effectively covered by the washing solution. Real time feedback and ongoing monitoring, provided by this unique device, has been shown to significantly improve hand hygiene compliance. 

Data collected using Hand-in-Scan show that 24% to 30% of healthcare workers' hand cleaning techniques are insufficient. Rather than monitoring the motions of hand washing the system provides direct feedback regarding the effectiveness of hand washing of each user by analyzing the areas of the hand that are not covered by the washing solution, this information is displayed immediately to the user and can then be used to provide statistics about hand hygiene compliance.

The Hand-in-Scan device has the ability to track individuals with its identification system, thus a continuous, more comprehensive monitoring of the staff’s hand hygiene is available, outlining the organization’s hand hygiene trends. This feature plays a key role in the long-term study of hand hygiene progress at department level. Using Hand-in-Scan, it is possible to give a scientifically thorough assessment of each shift, staff or age group’s hand hygiene behavioral pattern.

The continuous presence and usage of the Hand-in-Scan device offers the opportunity to be integrated into the quality assurance system of the hospital.