About Us

What we do

Over the past 30 years, Quorum Technologies has established a solid reputation integrating scientific instruments for the Canadian Biomedical and Industrial markets. Specializing in Microscope and Image Processing, our success is primarily due to our tailored approach to the provision of scientific equipment.

How we do it

In order to provide robust and flexible systems, it is imperative that we thoroughly understand the needs, goals, concerns and future considerations of your lab. Thus, the first step in our approach is an interview with one of our consultants. Based on this discussion we will then design a system ideally suited to those requirements. This includes the provision of all components with competitive pricing, on site installation and customization of the system, comprehensive training as well as advanced technical support and after sales service. It is our goal to provide your organization with the best possible system for your needs and to ensure its continuous value through training, support and service.

Product range

The Diskovery Multi model imaging system is our premier product which expands on our experience as the market leader in Canada with over 45 installations of spinning disc solutions. Among the instruments which we actively promote are Quorum Riveal Contrast; a reagentless imaging system, HandinScan Hand Hygiene System, 3DHISTECH Digital Slide Scanner, Apollo EPMM Image Management Software, Image Processing Software, Microscopes, Digital Cameras, Heating Stages, Micromanipulators, Laser Systems, Motorized stages, Filter Wheels, and Anti-Vibration tables. Though their applications are varied and extensive, among the most common uses for these technologies have been Live Cell Imaging, 3D reconstruction, Digital Pathology and Telepathology and Laser Assisted Microscopy.

Quorum innovation

Scientists at heart, our developers are continually envisioning ways to improve the technology our customers use to collect and analyze data. Quorum Technologies continues to make technical advances in the areas of live cell imaging, digital pathology and personalized medicine.

At Quorum Technologies, we have invested a great deal of time and effort finding the best possible range and balance of products to provide fast, precise and superior results, whatever the application. In the end, this translates to solutions that save you time, improve production, and increase the quality and applicability of your results.