Quorum Technologies Inc.

Quorum Technologies Inc. is a private, Canadian owned enterprise located in Guelph, Ontario. The company develops and integrates scientific instruments and is the leading provider of technologies to support Digital Pathology, Telepathology and the Life Sciences community with over 100 of these installations across the country. Quorum dedicates over 30 years of experience integrating microscope components to meet the goals of the scientific community and holds over half a dozen patents with several others in process. Through a variety of technology transfer relationships with Canadian universities, Quorum is helping to bring new innovative technologies to market for use in preclinical research, drug development and personalized medicine.

Featured Product

Photometrics announces the release of the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera. The Prime 95B camera is built with the first scientific-grade CMOS sensor available with 95 percent QE. It combines backside illumination (BSI) technology with large pixels and low-noise characteristics to maximize light collection.

Prime 95B is optimized for low-light microscopy with its near perfect 95 percent QE and 11μm x 11μm pixel area. This advance allows for the collection of nearly all available light, maximizing the signal-to- noise ratio of the experiment while minimizing cellular photo damage. The Prime 95B camera captures images using the full microscope field-of-view at over 41 frames per second (FPS) with 16-bit images and 82fps with 12-bit images. The combination of extreme sensitivity, low noise and high frame rates positions Prime 95B as the leading scientific CMOS camera for low-light microscopy techniques, including single molecule fluorescence (SMF), confocal imaging and super-resolution microscopy (STORM, PALM.)

Customer Feedback on the Prime 95B:

"[Prime 95B] allows us to conduct our STORM experiments with higher frame rates… 95 percent quantum efficiency allows for super-resolution imaging that's not achievable with conventional Scientific CMOS cameras"

Ke Xu, University of California Berkeley

"The Prime 95B provides the speed, field of view and resolution of a CMOS camera, with the added sensitivity of an EMCCD camera for our more demanding experiments."

Uri Manor, SALK Institute